Monday, May 7, 2018

Mother Teresa: in my own words Novel Reflection #3

Some think that you have to believe a certain way or do certain things to go to heaven, but the truth is that no matter what you do God will always think of you as his child. All you need is love for him in your heart and he will allow for you to go into heaven. In Mother Teresa's Book,"Mother Teresa: in my own words", she talks about peace, love, and strength. She talks about the importances in life and what you could do to improve your life. I have read many reviews on this novel and some of them would say something like this:"how is this apliable to today's society?". Well to answer this question, I would say that it does not apply to todays society. Mother Teresa is stuck in the past and things are different now, but that does not mean that we shouldn't take what she says into consideration. For all we know the things that she suggest could really benefit us and could possibly change the world. I would recommend for everyone to read her book and to think about the things she says. It could possibly move someone to do great things.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Mother Teresa: in my own words Novel Reflection#2

After reading this novel, I had realized something. i realized that it is really hard to be perfect in our own perception, we think that to go to heaven we have to be perfect and not commit a sin, but in reality the lord will except us for who we are, no matter what sin we commit. God put us on this earth and expected us to live in a world of sin, that is why he sent his son to die on the cross. He did that because he knew we would make mistakes and he wanted to let us know that no matter what we do he would always forgive us and love us. As long as you have love in your heart for him and others then he will always have love for you.

Some may ask,"what's the point in believing in anything?", well the reason for believing in something is that it gives a since of relief. It allows us to have something to look forward to, to hope for, and to be happy about. To not believe in something that is outside of our world it will give you no reason on why you are living, it will not give you any hope for the future, and when you are in a time of need it will not give you the courage to keep fighting for your life. From family experience, many people in my family has decided to not believe in anything. One of those people got rushed to the hospital on April 28, 2018 at two a.m. because she decided to take her life. She was extremely depressed and felt like there was nothing to live for, because she decided to do this, it tore apart her family. Not believing in anything could eventually have a long lasting effect on not only you but the people who love you.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Mother Teresa: in my own words Novel Reflection #1

Mother Teresa In My Own Words  


This novel genuinely spoke to my heart; in the first chapter Holiness, the first thing it states is," Holiness does not consist in doing extraordinary things. It consists in accepting, with a smile, what Jesus sends us. It consists in accepting and following the will of God." This quote is explaining that someday you will get a message from God; it is up to you if you decide to accept it with gratitude and follow in the steps of the lord, or not to follow in the steps of the lord. This says a lot to me because at the points of when one feels angry or down they tend to go towards alcohol and drugs instead of pausing and trying to listen for the whisper that god leaves for you. If you do not listen for that quite whisper then you will be lost in the drugs, alcohol, and other terrible substances. Sometimes it takes awhile to be able to hear that little whisper, but it will eventually come and when it comes it will hit you like a car. You wouldn't want to do anything else but that mission God has for you.

Personally, many times, i have felt that i needed to do something, like: give someone money, do something for someone, or just to be nice to someone. When i have theses feelings i decide to ignore them, now i feel like if i would of done those things then i wouldn't be in the place that i am in now. Maybe, just maybe, if i would of done those things, my life would be one hundred percent better.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Book Thief Novel Reflection #3

Life is full of mysteries and surprises. At one minute life could be perfect, then the next minute
could be like a storm that is beating you down over, and over again. Just like in The Book Thief
Liesel, at moments, would be living her life to the fullest and enjoying time with her family. The
next day could be a completely different story, someone would either be sick, dead, or hurt. This
was a lesson that the book taught the readers. It taught us that we should live our lives to the
fullest and not to worry about the next day; you never know when your time will be up.

Since 2007-2015 i never had a love for reading or writing; i was not good at it, so i just gave up on it.
I went from honors English to regular classes. I was bringing myself down one step everyday. That was
the biggest mistake of my life. I realized this was a mistake when i read The Book Thief. I learned my
potential, i started to grow with my abilities because of the inspiration this book showed me. It taught
me that anyone could be great at something if they just tried and worked hard at it. This didn't just inspire
me to become a better writer, it also inspired me to follow my dream. From that day on i followed my
dream to be an amazing percussionist and to be in drum line. I practiced every day, just like liesel
did, everyday i would get better and better. By the time auditions for drum line came up i was prepared
and my prayers were answered. I got into drum line and i had the best first year of high-school do to
one book i decided to pick up and read.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

The Book Thief Novel Reflection #2

This novel is full of emotions. Throughout the story the Narrator explains the emotions and
the feelings of every character, because the narrator does this it really allows the reader to
connect to all of the characters. It is what really makes the story such a great read.
The mood of the novel is heartfelt and suspenseful. The main character liesel makes
many new relationships while she is in Germany. One relationship that she creates is with
the character rudy, this relationship is probably the strongest relationship in the book. When
liesel arrives to Germany, rudy introduces him and he immediately connects with the character
liesel. Their relationship started out as being friends; they then became very close friends.
By the end of the novel liesel confesses her love for him, but it ends up being too late.
As her life goes on, she still remembers her family, the friends she made, and her love.
In my life, as it goes on and my love ones pass away, i would move on, but  still remember
them and keep them close to my heart. I would move on because it is not good to live in
grief and i know they would want me to live my life to the fullest. Many people i loved has
passed away or left me, i would constantly mourn about these situations, until i learned
that it was not a healthy thing to do. After reading this novel i learned how to cope with
these problem. I was finally allowed to live my life to the fullest.

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The Book Thief Novel Reflection #1

The novel The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, immediately touched my heart. The first character I met in the story was Liesel, I felt as if her story was mine. This book is set in Germany around the WW2 era. Liesel had a stressful life for a young woman, she went through many tragedies through her life. I relate to this character, because when i read this novel, I went through a death in the family and i was very depressed. I felt alone and that everyone was against me, but i ended up not caring what everyone else thought about me, just like Liesel. The character Liesel inspired me to be myself and to not let anyone bring me down or make me think otherwise.
After i met Liesel, i then  met the Hubermanns, these are liesel's step-parents. They taught Liesel many lessons such as: tough love, compassion, how to read and wright, also how to work for what you want. Her step-mother was hard working; she was the one who taught Liesel how  to be a hard worker, along with tough love. Liesel’s step-father was an accordion player; he taught her compassion, along with how to read and write. Both loved Leisel as if she was their own. The Hubermanns reminded me of my step-father, he had all of the characteristics of mr. and mrs. Hubermann. This made me think on how much i appreciate my parents; how i should respect them and not take advantage of them. They have done so much for me that i am grateful for. This book also taught me that I should spend time with my loved ones because you never no when either theirs or your life will end
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